Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully the information here will answer most questions. If you cannot resolve your question here then contact us.

Where are the Swim Results ?
Check our Results Page
How do I know if my entry has been accepted ?

If you entry was successful you will receive an email to your given email address confirming it almost immediately after submitting.

Are there any ocean swimmers that swim every day ?
Yes, there is a group that meet in the morning at the Surf Club deck then walk around to the East (Lighthouse direction) and swim back along the coastline. Meet around 0800 hrs.
Where can I put my gear ?
We have a Cloak Room (signposted) on the Southern side of the surf Club – that’s the side opposite the beach side. There are volunteers there to look after it.
When is next year's race being held ?

The Byron Bay Property Sales Swim is always held on the first Sunday of May each year.

Can I enter the Swim on the day ?

Entries close at 7.00am on race day. The only way to enter and pay is to register and enter online.

Please register as soon as you can and enter as soon as you are comfortable with the conditions. Please check-in early from 7.00am to receive your timing bracelet and cap.

T-shirts can only be guaranteed for people who enetered at least 3 weeks before race day.

Can I check-in for the Swim before Sunday ?
No – ‘cos our timing folk don’t arrive in the Bay until Sat arvo and we are then busy setting up the Check-in areas.
Where do I check in for the Byron Bay Chocolate Co Dash ?
The Byron Bay Chocolate Co Dash Check-in is on the Decking outside the Surf Club.
The Byron Bay Property Sales Ocean Swim Classic check-in is inside the Hall of the Surf Club.
Times for these are in the Race Day page of our website.
Can I swim with my kids/partner/etc ?
Most certainly. Check-in to your regular age category; advise the starters what you are doing; swim the swim together; advise the finish line officials as to what you did. Enjoy !!
Where does the money go ?
Some is kept aside to kick-start next year’s swim but the majority goes to selected charities and local organisations. The biggest bite goes to the local Surf Lifesaving Club but we cover a range of Charitable groups like the Westpac Rescue Chopper, Salvo’s, Camp Quality Men’s and Women’s Cancer support groups, the local Swimming club and Scout troop, Local Ambo’s and St Johns Ambo’s, Marine Rescue units, Early Childhood Intervention etc. We also give out donations after this money has been disbursed, mainly in one-off situations from proceeds of our weekly Saturday arvo raffles out at the Park Hotel in Suffolk Park which members are rostered to conduct as well as Sunday sundown Raffles at the Sun Bistro at West Byron (near the Train station) and also proceeds from our weekly members swims.
Can I wear a wettie, fins etc ?
The answer is Yes. We are a fun swim raising money for selected charities and local organisations.
If you choose to use wetties or fins or buoyancy devices, you will not be eligible for category prizes, or age group place.
P.S. your times etc should be in the Assisted section of the Race Results; which are found in the NEWS section.
Can I get another Event Shirt or Baseball cap ?
YES – they are available for sale in our Whales Sales Tent in the park adjacent to the east end of the Surf Club.